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Introducing MacMedics Enhanced Support Services for Business and Home environments.
Computers and our demands upon them are evolving - so must our support.
MacMedics is excited to offer pro-active, preventative solutions that will:

• detect hard drive and SSD issues
• monitor storage capacity
• ensure backup routines
• monitor hardware issues
• monitor drive presence
• watch network activity
• monitor ram and battery issues
• detect malware and adware infiltrations and fixes
• provide easy access to scheduled maintenance tools (disk repair, permissions, caches)
• and much more

Whew! What does all this mean? It means we’re on top of your equipment and processes providing peace of mind, limiting the stress of downtime and keeping your systems healthy.

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Single workstation and Server pricing as well as Site licenses
are available for cost effective pro-active protection.
Contact us for details

[email protected] / 416-466-4066 ext. 1